Your First Visit
You will be asked to arrive a few minutes early to fill out our health history form. Some questions that will be asked include personal medical history, reason for the visit, any major illnesses accidents or injuries, previous surgeries, a list of all medications, diet and exercise levels, and work and leisure habits and postures.
At this time,I will take you into a treatment room where wet will go over your history form  and ask any further questions that would be a benefit to facilitating a healing plan for your individual needs.

Preparing for the Treatment
Once a beneficial treatment plan has been established I will leave the room, giving you time to prepare for your massage and relax onto the table. I will make clothing suggestions to wear what makes you feel comfortable – you may be asked to dress down to your underwear, or, if necessary, undress completely. Please note that you will be fully covered by a sheet and/or towels during your session, with only the area being worked being uncovered. My utmost concern is that you are comfortable, that your privacy is respected.